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“The world is but a canvas for the imagination.”

                                             - Henry David Thoreau

Here are things that McKenzie loves:

Paper. More paper.

Space. How easily it can be transformed.

Her family and friends. Deeply.

Her son. His choice to serve in the Peace Corps and the resulting ability

     to differentiate himself by speaking fluent Fijian.

Humor. How it can be found in everyday life.

Laughing. Deep, belly laughing. (see above)
Creating. Helping others to create.

New projects. Hopefully, yours.

McKenzie is a former Southerner who, after 32 years in Rochester, NY, now embraces the mountains and waterfalls of Western North Carolina...the product of a Canadian-born, calligraphy-prone father and an Atlantan-born mother with a keen eye for presentation. Beyond her own son, McKenzie’s family includes her two sisters and one brother...and their spouses...and their children...and their children’s children, who, although separated by many miles, actually really enjoy getting together at least once a year. They are known to sing their childhood blessing in harmony...mostly to make their mother happy, but also because, sometimes, it sounds really beautiful.

McKenzie's MBA allows her to be equally at home in either the business or artistic side of her work.  Her career spans a boatload of years in both the for-profit and not-for-profit worlds in sales, marketing, and communications. The recent years as executive director of an arts organization are offset by a stint, early on, as a singing telegram, dressed as a French maid. The early years grinding away as a commercial space planner, before computers, using a T-square and a triangle, working in a room with no windows, among people with no sense of humor, are now offset by the time she spends in her very own Brevard atelier surrounded by beautiful papers, color, and design concepts springing forth on 1/4” square graph paper in every nook and cranny.

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